It is important to Pixie Linen that those we work with and who help us bring our products to you are like minded. We choose our communities for their environmental and social involvements.

We like to think of our linen as being ‘worldly’. Depending on which factory we are using, depends on where the linen is sourced, woven and dyed. One factory sources the flax from France & Belgium. The flax is then woven in Bengaluru and dyed in Jaipur, India.

Often, after the fabrics we use are dyed, they are dried in the open without using any heat or machinery. The dyes used are azo and amines free and all of this has minimal impact on the environment. The company’s we choose to use are ethical, environmentally conscious and try to give back to their society in different ways. They deal with natural products and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas.

Our sheet factory is a family run business that has been working with NGO in the field of education and medical care for many years. The company we use for our pyjama production has been approved by SEDEX as a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manufacturer.