Pixie Linen was born out of wanting to keep things magical and whimsical for children’s imaginations, while providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow in.

Children need plenty of sleep and our beautiful, breathable and comfortable range of natural linen products are products that will improve with nurturing, just like those special to you. Our bed linen and sleepwear will see your little pixies drifting off to the land of nod snugly, easily and comfortably. Our products are designed to last and withstand plenty of washing cycles. Just what you need when you are raising young and busy children.

When making our sheets and PJ’s out of 100% linen, we have stayed away from harmful chemicals and dyes, ensuring that our sleepwear and bed linen range this close to your skin is a natural as can be. We have chosen carefully our suppliers, manufacturers, web designers, product stylists and many others who have helped us on our way. In general, the people we have chosen are smaller companies both locally in Australia and friends overseas who are highly ethical and also environmentally conscious like us. We try to make sure you can either recycle or re-use our packaging, in order to minimise waste.

We are proud to say the Pixie Linen sleepwear has passed fire safety testing to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1249-2014.

We look forward to sharing our products with you and hope that you enjoy our range as much as we do.